Wednesday, 6 July 2011

After the Revolution - Now Available at Amazon!

After The Revolution is now available from and for the very reasonable prices of £4.49 and $7.20 respectively. Please stop by and check it out. My novella is also available from at a discounted price (20% off!).
Thanks for all your support!


When Alex gets a terrifying glimpse of the future, he sees what will become of his country. After the Revolution, Britain is a dictatorship at war. It is the year 2060 - London has been ripped apart by war, and the country is in the grip of Wilson, a dictator who bullied his way into power during the British revolution in the 2030's. As Alex, (a present day tourist to this time) investigates this strange landscape he is picked up by Wilson's secret police and detained as a potential enemy of the state. How will He cope when he returns? Can he cange the future? Will he?